INFLUENCER, an Interactive bodily WWW installation:

Influencer is a visual interactive bodily installation, which comments on all of our capabilities of affecting our consumption (of information, digital media, art) via a portrait installation which encourages gestural interaction within a gallery space, via walking towards it.

Our influences: A wide array of art historical, cultural references such as the Narcissus-Myth, magic mirror from Disney movies, Magritte paintings as well as the ever changing fractured realities of the modern day internet and social media, and 3D games.

The installation consists of a 75″ portrait mode display, and a Kinect Azure depth camera, which reads the proximity and gestures of the viewer into a Unity3D gaming engine. The installation welcomes the viewer to approach itself within a 4-5 meter distance, step by step pulling in and scrapes WWW pages which are then formed into clusters and clouds, being affected in various ways by the viewers gestures and body positions, contrary to the more “normal” preconceived ideas of the term WWW Influencing (such as in the Instagram context).

The development of “Influencer” installation has been made possible by a Finnish government Ministry of Education and Culture´s Taike (Arts Promotion Centre Finland) operation support for sole entrepreneurs during the covid situation, of which the team is very grateful.