Immersive, Interactive and AV Technology consultant for ArtLab in a multisensory biodiversity performance event “Nature´s Concert Hall” for Finnish Forest Ministry in 2020-2021. Supported by KONE Foundation.

Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture´s TAIKE – Arts Promotion Centre Finland “Immersive Animation at Oodi” workshop planning, coordination and teaching, to be held in the Helsinki Central Library Oodi´s Kuutio (Cube) space in fall 2020 and spring 2021. Supported by AVEK Kopiosto.

“diip” collective vibrotactile bodily instrument installation for 3 player at Oodi library in Helsinki, 24-27.9 and 8-11.10, 2020. Supported by AVEK Kopiosto and Helsinki City´s Culture and Leisure division´s project grant.

Capacitive Touch screen AV/Technology consultant and prototyper for the “Kohtalona Ruotsinsalmi” exhibition at Merikeskus Vellamo/Sea Museum Vellamo, Kotka, Finland. Development done via Kunstventures.

Design consultation, assembly and programming of a motorized robotic camera beam for media artist Roberto Fusco for an upcoming major art festival in Helsinki in 2021. 



Workshop instructor, curator and jury member in the TAIKE Mediakuutio Workshop and competition at Helsinki Central Library Oodi´s immersive Kuutio (Cube) Space.

Tuomas Laitinen‘s permanent public media art installation “BIOME” at AOR Architect’s new Jätkäsaari “smart” school in Helsinki.  Role: AV Technology consultant. Installation and photo by Tatu Heinämäki. Via Kunstventures.

Teemu Lehmusruusu’s “Maatuu uinuu henkii” (En: “Respiration Field“) bio art installation at the Luomus garden in downtown Helsinki. Photo by Teemu Lehmusruusu. ROLE: Technical Producer, one of the four public art installations I have produced at Kunstventures with the generous support of the AVEK Mediarata 2019 grant.

Petri Eskelinen’s kinetic installation for “Myrskyasema” exhibition at the  Lusto Forest Museum / Suomen Metsämuseo in Punkaharju, Finland. ROLE: Arduino coding, 28 gear motor timed behaviour programming, finetuning.

Tarja Malinen‘s interactive sculpture installation for Joensuu Museum. Media coverage (in Finnish) by Finnish Broadcast Company YLE.  ROLE: Optical 360 deg dome projection concept design for the crystal ball, sensor interaction dev/testing, Brightsign BrightAuthor testing, realized with Tatu Heinämäki/Pasi Rauhala. Via Kunstventures

Tuomas Laitinen‘s “Swarm Chorus” installation and performance at the OODI library by ALA Architects, Helsinki, Finland.  Part of FCINY‘s Mobius project “The Library’s Other Intelligences“, supported by KONE Foundation. ROLE: Markov Chain hybrid language generation, coding, technology consulting. 

Production of four public media art installations in Helsinki in 2019. Artists: Artor Jesus Inkerö, Arja KärkkäinenPasi Rauhala, Teemu LehmusruusuSupported by AVEK Mediarata grant. Via Kunstventures. ROLE: Producer, location scouter, concept whisperer.



“tuntu(ma)” tactile sound installation by Mari Mäkiö. ROLE: Microcontroller coding, sensor/electronics, interaction coding development. Via Kunstventures.

Arilyn x Pekka Kauhanen x HAM from ARILYN. ROLE: Blender3D 3D model editing, 3DCoat procedural shader generation, Unity3D authoring, Arilyn AR authoring, Agisoft Photoscan / Metashape 3D photogrammetry. Via Kunstventures.

Permanent public artwork “Stories from the Shore” by Pasi Rauhala and Teemu Lehmusruusu (projection, 3D printing, fiberoptics, found objects) for “Piippuranta” service home in Kangas, Jyväskylä. Official “Percentage” art (prosenttitaide) project for new building projects. ROLE: Blender3D/Python parametric geometry generation, HD video compositing and editing, sensorbased interaction design, Martin FiberSource RUSH DMX fiberlight programming, Brightsign Brightauthor synchronization, Brightsign Bright network remote server programming, FormLabs Form2 3D printing, Agisoft Photoscan/Metashape 3D photogrammetry. Via Kunstventures.

Hannu Karjalainen‘s “RAFT” Arilyn AR Augmented Reality Installation in Merihaka Helsinki. ROLE: Arilyn AR/Unity3D workflow, spherical video and Interaction consulting. Part of KunstventuresArtcache Augmented Reality installation series, supported by KONE Foundation.

Satu Minna Suorajärvi‘s “PARKOUR” Arilyn AR Augmented Reality Installation at Kisahalli, Helsinki. ROLE: Arilyn AR/Unity3D workflow and Interaction consulting. Part of KunstventuresArtCache Augmented Reality installation series, supported by KONE Foundation.

Helsinki Design Museum‘s Timo Sarpaneva Exhibition: Sarpaneva work process Triptych video. Video material shot by Marjatta Sarpaneva, edited by Anne Lakanen and Tahvo Hirvonen, Pettufilmi Oy. ROLE: Brightsign Brightauthor triptych video sync programming. Via Kunstventures.



Hanna Haaslahti’s / Fantomatico’s Captured / Cosmetic Space 3D avatar generation system. Interaction coding by Tyler Henry. Motion capture by Remedy Games capture studio. Support by TAIKE and AVEK Creademo. ROLE: Technology consulting on Stereogrammetry, 3D face reconstruction, body scanning, HW/SW, Concept/Interaction Whispering.

Concept Whisperer for the Finnish Burning Man Project “Space on Fire”, with people from Aalto University Design Factory, Reaktor Space Lab, Lunden Architects, among others. Photo by Luc Asbury.



Parking Energy Ltd.Parkkisähkö OY. RGB LED ring based electric vehicle charging station. Elon, We Are Ready” from Jaskari Worldwide on Vimeo. ROLE: visual user interface concept design, programming and prototyping.